Frequently asked questions

Fee Assessment Board 2024 Pilot

How will the FAB assess my fees?
A formula will automatically assess your fees based on your income, assets, and liabilities taking into account your family size, housing situation, childcare fees and other relevant factors. You will not be required to provide information regarding your household expenses. Your form will be anonymised before being submitted to the FAB to consider any special circumstances you may be experiencing.

Will I have an indication of my fee discount before I apply?
Yes, we will provide you with an indication of your fee discount over the phone. It only takes 2 minutes. You can then decide if you want to proceed with the application.

Is my fee discount guaranteed until my child graduates?
Your fees are reassessed each year to take into account any change in circumstance. If your circumstances don’t change, you can expect your fee discount to remain fairly stable until your child graduates.

Will the school accept my child’s enrolment?
Your enrolment at the school is subject to the school’s normal admission policies and is at the discretion of the school. Once enrolled, your place is guaranteed until the end of school, subject to the schools normal conditions for ongoing enrolment.

Is there a foundation that covers my fee discount?
No. The school will charge you the fee assessed by the FAB and forgoe the balance of the fees. In a limited number of cases, philanthropists top up the fee paid by low-income parents by way of a scholarship contribution to the school.

Is there an application fee?
Yes, there is a $200 application fee per application. The application fee is forwarded to the school if you proceed to enrolment. If you decide not to proceed to enrolment, the application fee is not refundable.

What supporting documentation will I be required to provide?
You will be required to provide tax returns and a Statutory Declaration confirming the information in the application form is true and correct. Other supporting documentation, such as financial statements, trust documents or mortgage statements may be required depending on your application.

What happens if I apply but decide not to proceed with the enrolment?
You will forfeit your application fee and the FAB reserves the right to suspend you from applying to the FAB for a period of three years.

Can I apply for a fee assessment for my child who is currently attending a Jewish school?
No. Parents can only apply to the FAB if their child is attending a government or non-Jewish school.

Can I apply for my child who is starting prep next year?
You can only apply for a prep child if you don’t have any other children in a Jewish school.

My financial situation is very variable and changes each year. How do I complete the application form?
You provide financial information for the most recent twelve-month period. You will be reassessed each year, based on your current financial circumstances.

I have an investment property. Am I still eligible to apply?
You may still be eligible depending on the value of your investments. Applicants who exceed the maximum asset threshold of $3.5M will not be eligible to apply.

What if I have exceptional circumstances that impact my ability to pay fees?
You are encouraged to include any exceptional circumstances that impact your ability to pay fees in your Application Form and the FAB may take those circumstances into account when assessing your fees.  

I am separated or divorced. How do I apply?
Each parent completes a separate Application Form, and the applications will be jointly assessed, to determine your fee contribution. 

Does the fee assessment include all fees, levies, and associated charges?
No, the FAB fee does not include security levy, payroll tax levy or associated charges such as schoolbooks, uniform, laptops, camps, and excursions.

Will I have to pay back the discount if my child withdraws from the school?
No, you will not have to pay back the discount if your child withdraws. You will have to comply with the schools notice period for withdrawal.

What do I do if I have any other questions?
Please contact our Secretariat, Nechama Bendet on 0425 770 002 with any queries you may have.