Frequently asked questions

Fee Assessment Board Pilot

How will the FAB assess my fees?
A formula will automatically assess your fees based on your income, assets, and liabilities taking into account your family size, housing situation, childcare fees and other relevant factors. You will not be required to provide your household expenses as they will be based on the average cost of living for Jewish households in Victoria. Your fees will be based on a proportion of your discretionary income, after allowing for average expenses, thereby ensuring that the fees are always affordable.

What if I have exceptional circumstances that impact my ability to
pay fees?

You are encouraged to include any exceptional circumstances that impact your ability to pay fees in your Application Form and the FAB may take those circumstances into account when assessing your fees. Your form will be annonymised before being submitted to the FAB for special consideration.

What supporting documentation will I be required to provide?
You will be required to provide tax returns and financial statements (if applicable) and a Statutory Declaration confirming the information in the application form is true and correct. Other supporting documentation, may be required depending on your application.

Can I apply for a fee assessment for my child who is currently attending a Jewish school?
No, you cannot apply to the FAB for a child currently attending a Jewish school. You can apply directly to the school.

Can I apply for a fee assessment if I have a child attending a Jewish school and a child attending a government school?
Yes, you can apply for a fee assessment for your child currently in a government a school, even if you have another child in a Jewish school. Any fee discount provided by the FAB will only apply to the children in government schools.

My financial situation is very variable and changes each year. How do I complete the application form?
You provide financial information for the most recent financial year. You will be reassessed each year, based on your current financial circumstances.

I have an investment property. Am I still eligible to apply?
You may still be eligible depending on the value of your investments. Applicants who exceed the maximum asset threshold of $3.5M will not be eligible to apply.

I am separated or divorced. How do I apply?
Each parent completes a separate Application Form, and the applications will be jointly assessed, to determine your fee contribution.

Does the fee assessment include all fees, levies and associated charges?

Yes, other than application fees, transport fees, laptops, school camps, consumables (such as books) and non-compulsory school programs.

Can I move my child to another school if I decide the school isn’t
right for them?

Yes, you can move your child to another school but the FAB fee will no longer apply. You will need to apply directly to the new school for your child’s fee assessment.

Do I need to keep paying fees after my children complete their

No. The FAB fee assessment is a fee discount not a fee deferral. As long as your fee payments are up to date, you will not be required to continue paying fees after your children graduate.

I am saving for a deposit for a house. Am I still eligible to apply?
Yes, you are still eligible to apply to the FAB even if you have savings, as long as your savings do not exceed the maximum asset threshold of $3.5M.